Buy desuperheater now - hook up later ?????

Discussion in 'General Discussions' started by dancour, Feb 10, 2009.

  1. dancour

    dancour New Member

    I'm planning on purchasing a Waterfurnace.
    Can I buy the desuperheater option now and hook it up later (in a year or two) ???
    or can the option be bought later ???
    Thanks, DC
  2. Waukman

    Waukman Member

    I don't think you are saving that much by waiting to install. The only 'costs' are the pipe, storage tanks, and labor to install. In the big picture price tag for the entire package those costs are maybe $800 - $1000.
  3. hardchines

    hardchines Member Forum Leader

    Yes you can buy now and hookup later, units come completely plumbed but the HWG circulator pump wires are disconnected, with a note attached to them saying do not connect till plumbed and full of water. I did the same thing and many people do it to save on up front cost. I only waited a couple of weeks to install my HWG and am glad I did not wait longer as the amount of hot water I get is incredible. It is a easy DIY job if you are a DIY kinda person. good luck!
  4. Looby

    Looby Member Forum Leader

    The desuperheater is a factory-only option -- AFAIK, WF doesn't
    offer a field-installable upgrade. Same deal with ClimateMaster.

    Buy it up front or forget it.

  5. rw1995

    rw1995 Member

    Waterfurnace does offer a field installed desuperheater pump. I installed 4ton Envision dual stage WF in November 2008. The Desuperheater pump came in a box with leads and fittings to plumb into the hot water tank. I ran power from the contacts on the board, along with temp sensor clamped onto the desuperheater line inside the cabinet.

    I ran 1/2" copper to a storage tank and cold water line. The pump is mounted outside the WF cabinet.
  6. Palace GeoThermal

    Palace GeoThermal Well-Known Member Industry Professional Forum Leader

    The desuperheater pump is not the desuperheater. They are two different things.

    The desuperheater is a refrigerant to water heat exchanger that is in line with the refrigerant flow of the system. It is located between the compressor discharge and the reversing valve.

    To add one after the fact would involve evacuating the refrigerant from the system, cutting the line, then brazing in the desuperheater and then replacing the refrigerant.

    As you can see, this is not a DIY job.

    For whatever reason, WF does build units with desuperheaters and not a water pump. I saw one last night. The pump has to be mounted outside.
  7. Mark Custis

    Mark Custis Not soon. Industry Professional Forum Leader

    I am scared

    Water Furnace does something without a flow unit?
  8. Palace GeoThermal

    Palace GeoThermal Well-Known Member Industry Professional Forum Leader

    If you buy a Water 2 Water unit, you have to install your own pump kit for the desuperheater.
  9. moondawg

    moondawg Member

    If at all possible, find the money to hook it up now. It will pay you back fairly quickly. Every time your compressor is running, you are getting "free" hot water.

    An example: Last week, I noticed on Sunday that the hot water in my shower wasn't *quite* as hot as it had been... I had to turn the handle all the way over to get it as hot as I like it. We'd had some heavy usage so I didn't think TOO much of it.

    On Thursday, we had a "warm" day where the geo wasn't running very much. We had enough water for a bath for the kids, and a shower for me, but my wife got stuck with a cold bath. (DOH!) I checked the breaker for the WH and it was tripped. My Geo provided enough hot water for my 5 person household for ~4 days without too much trouble. It's easy to forget that it's doing that ALL THE TIME when the compressor is running.

    I have 2 50-gallon waterheaters. One is for geo storage and the other is hooked up to electric to heat the water. (at least, it does when someone remembers to tighten the wires at the breaker.... oops!)

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