Buffer Tank Plumbed Backwards?

Discussion in 'Maintenance and Troubleshooting' started by Caz393, Apr 10, 2014.

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    Hi all. I am new to the forum so sorry if this has been discussed before. I just had a new geo unit put in and for the first time I have a buffer tank. This tank is not powered, just storage. After the installers left, I was looking at their plumbing and found that the DSH is plumbed into the bottom of the buffer tank, but the lines running into the top of the buffer tank are backwards. By this I mean the "cold water" inlet has the return line(which would be the hot water from the tank) to my main tank and the "hot water" outlet has the cold water intake from my cold water supply. I am not aware if there is a check valve in the tank and am certain there is not one in the line. Is this going to affect the operation of my DSW? Thanks in advance
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    Assuming any tank built in check valves are removed (generally just a flappy piece of plastic), no. There isn't an issue.

    You should have a check valve on the DSH lines though.
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    I can't get a pic in my mind what you describe. could you post a photo?
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    Thanks for the replies. Urthbuoy, The dealer is on the same page as you and in my mind it makes sense. Bergy, I am unable to post a pic but perhaps explain better. The DSH line out from the geo is plumbed into the drain at the bottom of the buffer tank. My house's cold water supply is plumbed into the hot water outlet at the top of the buffer tank. The buffer tank then flows the preheated water from the cold inlet of the buffer tank to the main(electrified) tank. So basically the hot and cold lines to the buffer tank are reversed. And not to beat a topic to death but would the reason for the check valve in the DSH line? Sorry for asking stupid questions but the last geo system was only plumbed into my single water heater whichI have been told was not ideal and potentially a waste of my DSH.
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    Twin Electric Piping for Geothermal Desuperheater.jpg
    Does it look like this?

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