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  1. csmeutah

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    I see lot's of discussions around the heating temperatures for a buffer tank, but what are the recommended temps (setpoint and differential) for hot weather cooling? I have a 4 ton Econar W2W system and it is currently running at 40F setpoint and I vary the differential 4 - 10 degrees based on outdoor temps. Mostly I'm wondering if 40F is too low for a geothermal system.
  2. wing

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    40 is plenty cold.

    Lower setpoint temperature means lower heat pump efficiency but more cooling to your house via the air handler. What are the run times on your heat pump ? Do you need the extra cooling to make your home comfortable ?

    you have antifreeze in your load loop ?

    I’m running at 44 degrees with 3 degrees upper/lower set points.
  3. csmeutah

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    Thanks, setpoint is 40 but the differential is only upper so kicks in at 44 and stops at 40 . If I find the heat pump running multiple times for one tstat call I increase the differential so it is not starting and stopping multiple times per call. No antifreeze in the load loop, technician recommended against it locally.

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