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    I need an opinion from the pros familiar with ClimateMaster equipment. Some of you will probably remember me from a few threads I had regarding troubleshooting some issues regarding performance from my systems . As a result of those discussion we implemented a few changes including the installation of a smart thermostat (Ecobee 3) That decision has resulted in a much more even heat throughout the house. When I made the switch to the Ecobee I realized that I would lose the alert system incorporated into the ClimateMaster tStat. At the time my dealer advised me that in addition to the Ecobee I could wire in the ClimateMaster tStat using only the AL1, R & C terminals to keep the alert system. This year at the beginning of the heating season I was checking a few things and noticed that the ClimateMaster tStat mode was set to off. This is probably the way I did it when I hooked it up but it made me think that it probably would not sense any alerts if it was off so I set the tStat to heat mode thinking that this would not hurt anything since the controller wires were not connected.

    This past few weeks we have had a prolonged cold spell (-25C- -37C at night) and during that period the breaker has tripped twice. I am wondering if having the second tStat connected is a wise move. Can it be creating an excessive load on the breaker. As a precaution I have set the mode back to off on the second tStat. The system is a ClimateMaster Tranquility 27-TT. Your comments will be appreciated. Thanks

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