Alabama Both Geothermal Units Won't Cool

Discussion in 'Maintenance and Troubleshooting' started by Justin M, Sep 14, 2016.

  1. Justin M

    Justin M New Member

    I'm going to most likely be really bad at wording at this but this is my last effort to try and get some information and help before having to find someone and pay them to come fix the problem.

    Me and my dad in 2008 started to DIY install on both the Geothermal Units we have and did everything, but I never learned the maintenance and troubleshooting of either of the Geothermal Units and have no knowledge of HVAC at all. I would normally call him and ask questions if things stopped working but this past July he passed away from cancer.

    For our downstairs unit we have a "Hydro-Temp Earth Coupled Heat Pump" can get serial number if needed.
    For our upstairs unit we have a "ClimateMaster Water Source Heat Pump" can get serial number if needed.

    Both units have a HoneyWell filter system to the upstairs and downstairs.

    We do not have a well or a pond, as far as I know the system is running from our pool and the lines for the units are buried beside our pool and in our front lawn. The problem with both of them I am having is the upstairs and downstairs units have stopped cooling and will only blow out air such as if you have a fan right next to you blowing on you. I did my best to lookup all the information I could and learn myself to find the problem but just can't. Right now our pool is very very very dirty right now and didn't know if that could lead to the problems i'm having for the units not cooling and the only thing I have done to try to get them running again is cleaning the filters from the HoneyWell's and replacing both units with new run capacitors. I'm really just at a dead end and can provide more information if needed even pictures.
  2. urthbuoy

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    Your entering water temperature is likely too hot or you have limited flow going to the equipment. You need to measure this. Generally you do this by using P/T ports (plugs) installed on the equipment and field instruments.
  3. Justin M

    Justin M New Member

    I'm assuming my best bet is to call someone who knows what they are doing.
  4. urthbuoy

    urthbuoy Well-Known Member Industry Professional Forum Leader

    You may/may not have installed P/T plugs as part of this DIY project. If you do call someone, you are going to want to let them know if they are not installed as they will probably want to plumb those in first. Then they can do proper diagnosis.
  5. Justin M

    Justin M New Member


    Not sure if these are the P/T plugs or not.
  6. urthbuoy

    urthbuoy Well-Known Member Industry Professional Forum Leader

    Yes those are. They look to be on a combo circuit setter device, but that would still work for diagnostics. Assuming they are on the water in/water out ports.
  7. Justin M

    Justin M New Member

    Yes they are on the water in/water out ports.
  8. mrrxtech

    mrrxtech Member

    Sounds as if both units tripped on a fault which would be high temperature based on poor flow, due to clogged water filters.

    Clean or replace the water filters based on their design, clean the pool, Cycle the power breaker to each Geothermal Unit to clear the fault, then Start up the system with a couple of surface thermometers against the inlet & outlet loops held in place by Pool Noodles or foam insulation.

    If you own the direct immersion thermometers used in PT ports then stick them in the ports and measure the temperature when the Units start.

    I'm betting the units will run fine when the water flow To & From the Pool is returned to normal.
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  9. Mark Custis

    Mark Custis Not soon. Industry Professional Forum Leader

    Yikes. We did it but do not know how to service or fix it. Why is that?

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