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  1. Franky of Atlanta

    Been quoted a price for installing TA035-1CSN for my open loop (from River) system.

    Anyone rate Bosch?

    Originally quoted for (Geothermal Hybrid Dual Fuel (Gas) but when I asked about rebates (30%), the contractor seemed to realize this might be a problem (gas furnace and evaporator coil) so is now going back to quote with an "Air Handler" and emergency backup heat system to "match AHRI" rating. Any thoughts anyone?
  2. engineer

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    It is routine to have some source of backup heat. I'm not a tax guy, but as long as the geo system is sized to meet 90+% of the design load of the space being conditioned I would think you'd be OK for tax credit. The source of backup heat would seem immaterial.

    Bosch bought out Florida Heat Pump. FHP had a mediocre reputation having let CM and WF get ahead of them on efficiency but before being bought out FHP produced a new line of somewhat comparable systems

    I'm not sure where things stand now. Bosch has a good reputation generally, not sure about their geos.
  3. AMI Contracting

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    I have been using GeoExcels (a Bosch re-label). I have not experienced any particular distinctions good or bad in quality vs Climatemaster that I carried previously.
    I'm less smitten with the WF dealer direct business model, but have no beef with their quality.
    Re tax credit, I believe that just as surely as ducts the airhandler/furnace is one of the geo "properties".......always take a tax pros advice over a mechanics however.

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