Idaho Bosch/Carrier GPxx: Interpretation of Plumbing Symbols

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    Had a new Geo system installed with a DSH. The HVAC company plumbed into a single hot water tank, one connection at a "Tee" on the cold water inlet, the other connection as a "Tee" on the drain connection. I do not believe he removed the back flow tubing bit between the hot water heater and the "Tee" on the cold water connection.

    The hot water tank cold water feed connects to the "left" connection on the geothermal unit (for the DSH) and the hot water tank drain feed connects to the "right" connection on the geothermal unit (for the DSH).

    The problem I have is that the cold water line is hot and the line to the hot water drain is cool/cold, even when running the system on cool for over an hour.

    The installer plumbed it one way, and then the other. The installation manual does not define the symbols. What I do see is that on the Geothermal unit, the water line from the cold tap ("left" connection on the geothermal unit) goes through a pump inside the geothermal unit, then u-turns into a grey tube that has connections to (I think) the compressor / refrigerant, then comes out the right connection on the geothermal unit to the drain connection on the hot water tank.

    What do the top two symbols mean? The bottom two makes sense and the unit cools/heats fine.


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