Best type of horizontal loop to install

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  1. not sure what numbers you want but yes i can BTW I am still waiting to see your credentials to be a expert.

    Here is a photo I took when I got home today 42.5 Deg 6-pipe loop top layer at 3. I expected in the mid 30's I never said a 6-pipe was best. Its not my way. We do all kinds of loops. We do a lot of horizontal bores these days too. I do not claim the 6-pipe. It has been a main stay of the industrie for over 20 years.

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    This is getting good. No, not all the loops perform the same, that is the point. An no, we are not all in this for the money. And if you have a loop in Indiana at 42F EWT at the end of the heating season, you have completely over designed it and likely grossly overcharged your customer. But I forgot, you are in this for the money.
  3. Just like a bunch of little girls never happy. First everyone's complaining that a six pipes can't work. And now it's working too well. Lol. Like I said you guys crack me up. Everyone has opinions but no one has credentials. And I suppose you don't take the paycheck doc. Just a good Samaritan
    You are my new hero doc. I think I may have sold you short a little bit. With just one random loop temperature sampling on one random day you're able to diagnose the entire loop system. That is amazing. It's a good thing I did not put in a slinky it might be like 60° loop. Ha ha ha

    I think you should contact IGSHPA and have them correct their information. :)

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  4. Come on that was funny. You have to appreciate a little sarcastic humor once in a while.
  5. "A fool convinced against his will is of the same opinion still." Give it up, guys.
  6. I do like your Quote. Dale Carnegie? I'm not sure who they are trying to convince. only themselves? I have only agreed with them. A 6-pipe is not "Better"
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    "A fool with a tool is still a fool!"
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    Thanks for using cooler heads. I am off to try and count to thousands.


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