Washington Ball park $ on a 6-ton, closed loop geothermal "water pump"?

Discussion in 'Maintenance and Troubleshooting' started by Burnhaven, Jan 7, 2020.

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    Looks like there are two pumps right behind your hand in that photo. What make and model is printed on them?
  4. Burnhaven

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    grundfos up26-116u Yes there are two pumps
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    Doc Jenser will be along shortly, but that grundfos up26 116 is a dog on electric consumption if I re call. This would be a good time to up grade to better model.
    If memory serves the up26 99 is the go to model. I am a Bell and Gosset man.
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  6. SShaw

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    I believe the SM-60 is a 5-ton heat pump.

    You could replace the bad pump with the same model. However, as noted, the '116 is an inefficient pump, and two of them is possibly more pump than you need for a 5-ton system. So, you could save significant electricity by replacing both pumps with a more efficient model or maybe even moving to one pump.

    Looking at pump curves, it looks like two 26-99s would provide about the same pumping power as your two '116s. (~32 ft-hd at 20 GPM).

    If your pumps are oversized for your loop field, you might be able to move to a single pump, but you'd need to know what the head loss of your loop field is.

    See what DocJenser says.
  7. Burnhaven

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    thanks for that. I think it's a six ton, based on this info I got from our model number at the Bosch site

    SM is series
    60 is nominal ton capacity 60 is actually six ton

    1 means 220 volts 60 cycles
    CF means downflow configuration
    C means copper coax material
    S means side water connections
    L means left return air
    B means bottom discharge air
    A means const air flow ECM motor speed
    T means Tin coated air coil material
    A means level revision of the product
    E means 20 kilowatt electric heat
    H means painted steel 1/2 inch closed cell foam cabinet
    G means geo thermal application
    X's mean General Electrical Options is none
    D means Heat Recovery Package for Refrigerant Circuit Options
    7 means Transformer is 75 VA volt/amps
    X means Controls = None
    X means water flow control is none
    X means economizer is none
    X means "Open" ?? is none
    8 Filtration (unideintifed ) character 33 in the model number string
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    Capacity is measured in BTU output per hour (BTUH). One ton is equal to 12,000 BTUH.
    SM60 = 60,000 BTUH capacity. So, 60/12 = 5 Tons.
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  9. mrpac

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    Is the original question not about the replacement cost of the pump itself?

    Grundfos pump? $450?? Just a guess
  10. Burnhaven

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    Assuming the current pump is cast iron, what do you make of the photo I pasted in above. Note the red arrow pointing to the hole causing the leak? I doubt this is typical for a pump in use for just under 5 years, which suggests to me either a manufacturing defect or inadequately purged/filtered loop system following the install. ??
  11. SShaw

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    Right. I would want to find out why that pump housing got a hole in it after only five years. If it's an issue with the loop (water quality, improper purging, etc.) the other pump could be damaged and you'd want to make sure to address the issue before installing new pump(s).
  12. Burnhaven

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    Now I'm hearing the leak is in the flow center housing, not the pump. Flow centers from Bosch seem to have 10 year warranties but we may still have to pay for the labor.

    Geothermal flow center Geo Flo 2 pump FL2-116 UP26-116 230V grundfos up26-116u.jpg
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