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  1. microfitpv

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    My new 10 ton water to water geothermal heat pump is being commissioned next week, and my contractor couldn't answer the following question. Do you have to balance the water flows and temperature differences to optimize the performance of the heat pump? His response was no, that everything was pre-engineered and he just has to turn the system on! Is there a resource where I can find the proper procedure?
  2. Mark Custis

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    The manufacturer

    of the machine will provide how to commision their part of the system as to water flow and such. You may try the manufacturers web site for the information and review it before start up.
  3. AMI Contracting

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    Balance which water flow? Ground loop or radiant side?
    Radiant size may require balancing for comfort.
  4. microfitpv

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    We have a 120 gallon tank hooked up to the geo unit which then feeds the radiant and air handlers. I thought that both flows and temperature drops/rises should be tweaked to extract the most energy possible?
  5. Mark Custis

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    I design/build

    the type of system you desribe. A picture or two of the mechanical areas would be useful.

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    If designed correctly, and if parameters are within specs, no balancing is required. Usually, all the parameter have quite a large operating range. The installer has to verify that everything is within specs, if that is the case, that is it.
  7. Bergy

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    Water side flows must be checked and verified. Load side flows must be checked and balanced against source side. Radiant loop flows must be checked and balanced. When we commission a geo/radiant system it can take several hours to an entire day.


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