Backwashing a geothermal heat exchanger

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    I installed an open loop geothermal 4.5ton system with a cupronickel heat exchanger in my home last year. I used two "EBV" taco valves which were given with the system but also knew they weren't ideal for the open loop. The other day I went to check on it and noticed that the second stage was sticking and using the little knob I was able to manually open it. After that it seems to open but for the future would the Taco "Geothermal" valves be a better option? I don't know how well those hold up to the hard water buildup compared to the EBV style.

    My system has been running for a little over 2 years without being cleaned yet and I looked at the drain pipe and there is a thin layer of iron/gunk build up and I was wondering the best way to backwash the system. It will sitll peg the 10GPM flow meter if I open the valves all the way but I don't know if residue in the heat exchanger could be making the system run less efficient than it could be. When I bought the system the person I got it from gave me a gallon of "acti-klean" and the directions state that it's to be used on the outside of the coil. I was planning on filling a 5gal bucket and putting a 55gpm pump in there to circulate the water but I'm not sure how long I should leave it running and if the chemical is the right stuff to use.

    In summary:

    Should I backwash the system even if it's flowing enough water?
    Should I replace the EBV valves with the Geothermal taco valves?
    Is the chemical (pictured below) the right stuff to use in a diluted solution?


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    The way your picture is linked gives people access to 800+ pictures. Just wanted to make sure you knew.
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    Thanks! I had my album set to private but I didn't know that that could be bypassed with that sort of link. Someone would be bored to death if they wanted to look at 800 of my photos though.

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    Coil cleaner is not the same thing as heat exchanger cleaner
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    slow closing thermo-plastic or resin irrigation zone valves are waaaayyyyy cheaper and last a lot longer.

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