Backup Electric Generator for Heat Pump

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  1. PAPete

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    I am concerned that I may have had my builder's electrician suggest and acquire a whole house backup generator that may not work with my geo heat pump. What information can I provide that may assist someone in letting me know if what has been acquired will work?
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  3. geome

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    Attached is a pdf that Water Furnace (WF) posted a while back. Their Intellistart (soft-start) significantly lowers LRA on the WF systems listed.

    I can't say what effect their Intellistart would have on a non-WF unit, or if it would effect the warranty on a non-WF unit. However, you may be able find a compatible soft-start unit for your system. You would obviously need to reference the specs on the unit you choose.

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  4. Masoud

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    Emerson Climate Technologies ( manufacturer of Copeland Compressors) marketed SecureStart last summer. It is a device similar to Waterfurnace’s Intellistart for use with Copeland single phase compressors. The company suggests it lowers a compressor’s starting current by up to 75%.


  5. Palace GeoThermal

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    Good to know
  6. teetech

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    Gotta love the marketing "up to" 75%.

    A more reliable # for sizing would be 60% - and that's substantial.

    FYI - The "softstart" was pioneered in Australia where they are mandatory to meet peak demand load requirements.
  7. AMI Contracting

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    when completing utility forms we do not suggest softstart kits reduce lra by more than 50%. stakes are to high if we are wrong.
  8. engineer

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    One also doesn't want to be on the ragged edge in genny sizing - tis far better to do without the load in question than to force feed it with a marginal generator. Neither the load nor the genny will last long in a bad marriage.

    I start my Envision 038 with a 24 kW Guardian, without a soft start, but the Guardian engine at 2.4 liters out-displaces my car engine at 1.9...
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    Hmmm.... someone drives a TDI?
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    I'm watercop over at tdiclub, though I spend little time there any more...I thought your name was vaguely familiar.

    263k miles on the Jetta and counting, 55-59 mpg. It used to routinely break 60 but the underbelly cover fell apart so I yanked it, which may have messed up the aerodynamics.
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    WATERCOP?!?! I remember you totally rocking the mpg competitions a couple years ago.

    I traded mine in july with 203k on the clock. 2007 MINI in the stable now.

    OK. Done hijacking. (I have a panzer plate with no hardware if you're interested. you can have it for the cost of shipping. )
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    Check you PM - you have mail.

    OP - apologies for the brief hijack - write if you have more genny questions
  13. jreddington

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    I would be cautious about using a soft start. Maybe OK if it was designed by the system or motor OEM. But an aftermarket add-on is really rolling the dice.

    If the motor is ECM (electronically commutated motor) you might not need to worry about it since the electronic brains help reduce LRA.
  14. Mark Custis

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    I am sure we will see

    ECM drive compperssors soon.
  15. engineer

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    SecureStart / IntelliStart (probably same guts or nearly so) are intended specifically for Copeland Scrolls.

    Emerson owns Copeland, so the relationship is OK.
  16. AMI Contracting

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    Truth be told they are all "aftermarket" as they are not installed by Copeland. Watch warranties and monitor equipment whenever generators run. Purchasing enough generator to start geo without "soft-start" may cost little more for H/Ps under 5 ton.
  17. engineer

    engineer Well-Known Member Industry Professional Forum Leader

    I still gotta figure that a soft start sanctioned by Copeland / WF / CM is probably safe and having it on a system to be started by any generator reasonably feasible for a single house would be good for everything involved.

    In fact I wonder if all systems would be served well by a softstart - reduced inrush and starting torque sound good electrically and mechanically.

    I may try one.
  18. Looby

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    Sometime in the past 2 yeaars, WF started offering
    Intellistart as a factory option on Envision systems,
    so it's clearly warranty-friendly.

    If it had been available two years ago, it would have
    been a no-brainer to include it. I suspect that most
    units are now being shipped with Intellistart.

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