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Discussion in 'Maintenance and Troubleshooting' started by Dan Winchester, Feb 16, 2011.

  1. Dan Winchester

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    Hi to the Geo forum...Question is I have a pump and dump system and I love it...but about once or twice a year i have to clean the screen in the back flow preventor and then it is fine..just the other day i had to clean the screen(contains rusty gum like stuff, no solids or hard particles) but the back flow preventer below the screen had just pluged up after 7 yrs....Is it necessary to even have this preventer in place? i have heard pros and cons...I think the main reason is code...what do you folks think.. thanx and have agreat day, Dan :)
  2. engineer

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    Where is this backflow preventer?

    The vacuum breakers / backflow preventers on several of my hose bibbs seem to fall off quickly after we got our CO
  3. Dan Winchester

    Dan Winchester New Member

    The back flow preventer is about 2 feet above the unit.
  4. Dan Winchester

    Dan Winchester New Member

    Is there a special screen filter i can use?
  5. waterpirate

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    I do not see the logic in a back flow preventer to a supply well in a pump and dump. That does not mean it is not code where you live. I would take it off, yet periodic cleaning and a life span of seven years under continuos duty is not bad for todays products. It is a personal choice for you.
  6. AMI Contracting

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    Back flow preventers are obviously intended to prevent introduction of waste water into potable water. That is the code issue.
    It can also be handled by an air gap between geo discharge pipe and a drain. If pressure in drain gets too high it will spill off without contaminating drinking water.

    I have never installed a backflow preventer on a geo. Most are installed out of ignorance.


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