Auxiliary Heat running, still getting hot water assist

Discussion in 'Maintenance and Troubleshooting' started by fleet2499, Dec 6, 2010.

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    I have never had a geothermal system before so I'm not too familiar with exactly how everything works yet. We installed it this year and have had numerous problems with the system installation so I thought I would reach out to others for advice. I live in Indiana where it was around 20 degrees today. My auxiliary heat is cycling on for about 2 minutes out of every ten minutes but still creating heat for the water. I would think that if the Aux heat is needed then it shouldn't be able to provide any hot water assist. I have to get the installer out here to resolve this issue and would appreciate any feedback
  2. teetech

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    Depends on model number of unit. Some units will disable DSH on third stage call which in your case DSH will shut down for 2 min and run the rest of the time in stage 2. You would have to monitor very closely to determine that.
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    I would hope that your thermostat would allow more than 8 minutes before engaging aux heat. It sounds like adjusting your thermostat may help reduce aux. If you are interested let us know make and model of your geothermal system and thermostat.
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    As long as water tanks are in conditioned space, disabling DSH when aux kicks in likely shifts use of resistance heat from heating air to heating water (assumes electric water heater)

    In other words, little or no difference in total cost of operation.

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