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    The posts don't seem to show up all of the time. I get an email with the new post and go to the site and it's not there.
  4. You are referring to an inconvenient quirk due to moderation of the first posts by new users. A new user makes a post, subscribers to the thread are notified even if the post has not been approved.

    The new post moderation has nearly eliminated the spam problem we were having so I expect to continue the moderation protocol. I will look into a work around for the problem you are experiencing.
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    Hi everyone, I've bee looking around the board for a bit and have found some great info so far. I have a new geo system that was installed over the summer. It's a Climate Master Tranquility 27 3 ton system for a house that is around 2300 square feet, it is split into 2 zones by a Honeywell Zone Board. We also have the Climadry installed and an Aprilaire Humidifier is being installed in the next few weeks.
    The system worked fine after many calls to Climate Master as our Installers seemed to have no idea how to set up Climadry for a 2 zone system. The unit is in our garage which is unheated, we are building a room around it next weekend to keep the unit warm. We have had conflicting reports from the installers about this. The repair person feels its not a big loss to have the unit in a giant unheated room but the installer feels it will make a big difference. We held off building the room to make sure everything worked correctly, as mentioned they had to make many return trips. The installers also retrofit our house for duct work, the house is from 1989 and well insulated but was previously heated by coal stove and electric baseboards.
    Sorry for the length, wanted to make sure to give as much info as possible. Once winter hit here in NEPA we have been using the heat. Unaware that we couldn't drop the temp at night like a normal furnace we were watching our unit stay on for 24 hours a day to try and get back to 66 degrees, we had dropped it to 60 at night. Once explained that we shouldn't do this we now let it maintain 66 all the time. Our electric bill was crazy and no cheaper then last year with all of the Aux Heat that was on trying to get the heat up. When they checked the unit they reduced the trim on the fan by 15% to get hotter air coming out. Heating 1 is about 75-76 degrees, Heating 2 is about 80 degrees but sometimes only 79. I use a digital thermometer to check all the time. Our Aux heat has gotten to 101 but usually 88-91. The repair person says that the computer knows how hot to make the air and will change as it goes?
    It seems from reading on here and from what the Salesperson told us that the Aux Heat would only come on a few days a year and only if the house has dropped a few degrees from the coldest days of the year. Well, when its cold, teens with low wind chills it seems that aux heat always comes on. The temp will drop to 65 from our pre-set 66 and Heating 1 will kick on. After 15-20 minutes heating 2 comes on. After 30 minutes (set by repair person). That usually takes about 10-15 minutes to heat up to 66. At this point it goes back to heating 1, temp drops and the cycle continues. Is this normal? It seems like zone 1 never stops all day and night but maybe for an hour or two in the afternoon. Zone 2, higher zone of house only kicks on once in a while. I really don't have any trust for the company we unfortunately used. As mentioned I had to make calls to have things explained to them, much different experience from reviews we had received on them. The reason they are just installing the Aprilaire is that they forgot to install it originally. The humidifier function on the thermostat was actually hooked up to the Climadry function and was drying the house while running constantly! Ugh. Any help and info would be greatly appreciated.
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    When a geo system is designed, the software asks for a design temp on both heating and cooling.

    A design temp is that outside temperature at which the geo system will operate 100% of the time. When temps fall below the design temp, then auxiliary heat will be needed.

    If your system was built around a design temp of 20 and the temps fall into the teens, your heat pump will be running full time and your house will be getting colder unless the aux heat comes on.

    So, if your heat pump is running full time, it means one of several things:

    1) the outdoor design temp has been reached


    2) there was not a Manual J heat load done to calculate how much heat needs to be put into the house to keep it warm during the normal cold temps for your area. Which means that the installer guessed on the size of your system.


    3) in an effort to beat out the competition, the installer undersized your system in order to get the job.


    There are probably a few more just none come to mind right now.
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    Leaving Air Temps seem low to me.

    Unfortunately that's hard to diagnose over the web
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    Return air (in the garage) temps along with loop temps would be useful information.

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