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    Hi so I'm new to geothermal but I believe I'm getting jacked around I have a 3 ton climate master year and half old. Last winter previous homeowners installed this unit as the old one crashed. Had nothing but problems they figured out the unit was to big for old loop so they extended it. I've had nothing but problems this year mainly faulting out lt1 low water temp they fixed the thermostat and the board about a month ago it faulted out again two weeks ago they came out said nothing was wrong rhat my house was badly insulated. so I started doing my investigation. The LT1 reading is always below 20 even when it's 36 out. The water in and water out are always below freezing. This isn't normal right the picture I'm going to post is last nighy temperature outside 29

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    Your loop looks OK. Temps are supposed to be below freezing when you suck a large amount of heat out of the ground.
    Try to answer all the questions on the checklist posted so we can give you informed help.
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    Where can I find this cecklist??
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    You learn well.

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    1) McCordsville Indiana, east side of indianapolis
    2) Heat loss/gain calculations for your home.... not sure how to find this
    3) climatemaste , 3 ton (model) , not sure about heat pump Im looking through paper work and all I find on that is a DXM2 digital?
    4) horizontal 300 feet loop
    5) average usage for December 95.58 total usage 2771, average usage for January 134.11 total usage 4039, average usage so far for February 109.6 total 2740
    6) leaving air is at 72.3 not sure about entering air not sure how to find this
    7) entering water 29, leaving water 26.3, hot water ewt 78.3
    8) Percent of load to be covered by geo and balance point? not sure how to find this
    9) Installers assessment of your systems operation. not sure
    10) Projected operating costs, actual operating cost and previous heating and cooling costs, not sure I just know my electric bill is high for just me being in the house, 1200 sq ft. and rarely home due to work..
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    all those reading are when it was 28 outside
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    Well done.

    1. Looks OK from Cleveland, OH.

    2. It is called a manual J calculation. The old by hand calcs took years, now there are spread sheet versions that take a while, but are not terminal projects. You either get this from your contractor or DIY with a $50.00 program.

    3. DXM V 2 is a newer unit.

    4. How big is the pipe around?

    5. Those numbers do not add much now. When Joe wrote that list it was something he uses with his software.

    6. Is your leaving air what the thermostat says or what is coming out of the diffusers? You find entering air temps at the unit on the suck side of the duct work.

    7. EWT vs LWT looks OK to a little low. I would like 1.5* F more if possible. The other number is for your DHW. It looks low unless someone took a shower or ran the dishwasher.

    8. When we have your heat loss this is about the percentage of the need that the geo unit can provide without aux heat.

    9. We leave this blank or call him.

    10. I owned a house about that size and ran about 180.00 per month at $0.16/ kwh delivered. There were two or three of us then. All three desk tops had CRT monitors and were full of cat hair. Look for ghost loads.


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