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Discussion in 'General Discussions' started by stevelion, Jun 23, 2014.

  1. heatoldhome

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    One step better then the tank tee setup!
    I like it!
  2. Mark Custis

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    I agree that machine would be sweet. Pipe together what you need for the load and go.

    I am looking at designing an antique system using w2w and 2 tanks. I am not sure what the customer's thinking is but Jim Armstrong is involved so off to help I go. I call this an antique system as it is trying to do what the old hot deck cold deck ducked air systems did. They made hot air and chilled air 24/7. The plan was to cool areas and heat areas as needed. They used gobs of fuel to do both at the same time. They where very hard to fix. The control docs where long gone.
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    Are you listening Waterfurnace!!!
  4. docjenser

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  5. rrbv

    rrbv New Member

    Does the symphony device:
    1. Allow me to change fan speeds on my System 7 Waterfurnace?
    2. Allow me to use my existing wifi to connect to it, like I do other devices?
    3. Allow me to take historic information from my 3 year old installation and use it on my computer?
    4. Do this at a reasonable price? My dealer offered to sell me an AID tool, but it looks like a very primitive device.
    5. Do all of this at a reasonable price--I think the AID tool was in the $100 to $200 range.
  6. SeekingAdvice

    SeekingAdvice Member

    1) No the symphony allows you to change the basic settings your thermostat can change.
    2) Yes, the symphony must connect to Wifi.
    3) The installer has an option to export data w/ symphony I believe, but the homeowner does not. Additionally, when my symphony was installed in May it deleted all of my historical data from the thermostat, at that time, tech support said that was standard, perhaps they have fixes that bug.
    4) AID tools are much more powerful, but intended for installers, so the interface is not meant to be pretty and intuitive.
    5) If you wanted to choose between an AID tool and symphony, it is an easy choice. Do you want to be able to look at your energy usage, fan speed, loop temp and return/supply temps from the internet (and some of those features on your phone). Or do you want to be able to customize your setting while plugged into your waterfurnace.

    I believe the installer side of the symphony is more capable. There is a virtual AID tool I believe. So perhaps ask your installer if they will let you have access to the installer side of the symphony account (it would require letting you use their account log in I believe.
  7. rrbv

    rrbv New Member

    Thanks for your lucid reply. I will contact my installer who offered to sell me an AID tool pretty cheap. I think the local dealer has basically exited the geothermal world because of the high cost of installing the ground loop. I contracted that myself on my installation and it was around 8k for the well driller alone. The dealer installed the loops and specified the number of wells and depth. I have three 200' deep loops in parallel. Great system, I love it but would still like to have more control over a few parameters. It averages under 100kwh/month in the winter and under 200kwh/month in the summer in southern New Mexico. Easily handled by my solar system. I get inut/output temperatures from a hand held ir thermometer at the circulating pump connections. I have a loop to my water heater but it is difficult to determine if it was worth the effort.
  8. Graham C

    Graham C New Member

    you can access the virtual AID tool on the symphony without needing the installer account. Just point your browser to the ip address of the AWL (while you are on the same network).
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  9. Neokane

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    It appears that accessing the virtual aid tool method has changed in a firmware update. Is this still possible?
    Do we just need to know the port number? xxx:xxx:xxx:xxx:port #
    Use to just be able to use the ip address.

    Anyone have any update on this?
  10. SShaw

    SShaw Active Member Forum Leader

    Download a recent copy of the AWL documentation. You reset the AWL then connect directly to the AWL via an ad hoc WiFi connection. It times out after 30 minutes. I don’t know if there is any way to connect to the AID tool via the IP address, but that would be preferable.

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