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Discussion in 'General Discussions' started by parrisjr, Jan 21, 2021.

  1. parrisjr

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    Can someone explain what dictates the correct "flow meter" setting under the <setup> <sensor kit setup> menu. The picks are "none", "3/4 in", and "1 in". These picks effect the "waterflow" and "heat of extraction" readings in the performance monitor screen.

  2. gsmith22

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    this is for a waterfurnace 5 or 7 series and talking about the flow meter that gets put into the (I think) incoming water from the loop? Sounds like you would pick "none" if you don't have a flow meter and otherwise pick the hose size that the flow meter is inserted in.
  3. parrisjr

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    My installer emailed me and said it should be set to 1 inch for the Waterfurnace 7 series.
  4. geoxne

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    This is correct. The flow meter from Waterfurnace comes in 2 specific models. Small (3/4") and Large (1"). The Small meter is used on units under 3 tons. The Large is used on 3 ton and larger. The control board setup requires the correct size installed to accurately read the flow rate because the different size meters have a different output range.
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    Thanks geoxne, for explaining what dictated which size to pick to get correct flow and heat of extraction (HE) readings.

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