ATP32U03/4 staging question

Discussion in 'Maintenance and Troubleshooting' started by spf8298, Jan 22, 2013.

  1. spf8298

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    I have thermostat ATP32U03/4, and when I go into the settings I can't seem to change the differential settings. For that matter, the differential settings doesn't even show up in my menu. Is there a way I can get into the 'installer menu' so that I can enable and change the differential settings???? Or is this even possible with this thermostat? My unit seems to run in stage 1 for about 5 minutes and then it runs the majority of the time in stage two. By the way, its a Climatemaster TT27 with 4 ton vertical closed loop wells.
  2. ACES-Energy

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    In the installer setting, the Temperature Algorithm is set to Proportional/Integral by default I believe, You have to select differential from there. Than go back to differential settings and you can adjust the offsets.
  3. spf8298

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    Thanks. I figured it out last night and got it switched to differential. The temp outside was about 15 degrees F lastnight and the unit kept the house at 69 only running in stage one, which is the way I would suspect it's designed to run and the way I'd prefer it to run. I've got one more question for you, when you switch over to differential (I set mine at 1-1-3), if I never touch the thermostat, will the unit ever go into 2nd stage? Because the way its set up now, if the house temperature drops one degree below the set point, it will automatically call for stage 1 heat. I hope I'm making sense.

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