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  1. Geoproballthetime

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    Hi. I have 2k sq ft house and climate master unit. Been told it is sized fine etc. It is 6 years old. Worked great for four years now nothing but problems. Spent about 1k on last twelve months to try to fix. Still same issues.

    Ac not working. Had drains cleaned this week .now not working again. 2nd floor calling for cool air and none going there. 1st floor is colder than thermostat is set for but cold air blowing like crazy. Did notice not all vents on first floor have air blowing.

    I don't want to cut circuit to avoid losing any code but when tech was here Tues he said there was no code. Help!! He couldn't fix this issue so he is coming back at some point but I am concerned it won't help. Thoughts appreciated!! Ty in advance.
  2. ChrisJ

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    My first thought is a zoning issue. I have read that when a unit is a little bit large for running just one zone the ductwork bleeds some air into the other zone.

    Could be a motorized damper is not operating correctly.

    Some more info on your system might help the Pro's help you.
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  3. Geoproballthetime

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    Hi, Thanks Chris. I actually called waterenergy this am, they distributed my system. I am pretty confident it was sized properly as has been working great for the first 4 years we owned the house. our tech suggested ( seperate from this issue) that our system works so that 100% of the pump is working/ blowing if only one zone is calling for heat. so he suggested doing something so that when one zone was off it only operated at 65% capacity. this makes sense to me in theory, I didnt love the price and i wuold prefer to solve the issues at hand before i do more stuff. I have told tech over the last year to MAKE THIS SYSTEM yours, by fine tuning it, etc to his liking so he can operate on it and set it the way he wants. we do not use the system and differently than when we bought the house, so why the issues are continuing over last year is odd to me.
  4. ChrisJ

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    I don't think it should run 100% for 1 zone, unless the system is losing ground (not satisfying the t-stat)

    We are heating dominated up here in the Northeast, so a system sized for heating is going to be oversized for cooling.

    I don't think that is the problem here. How is the zoning controlled? Climate Master model #?
  5. Geoproballthetime

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    climate master tranquility 27.

    tech was thorough today. Said " the shaft and locking pin" had come loose and werent catching correctly" he put it back together and tested it and it is working now, but it was off for 12 hours and then worked for 36 hours, so we shall see. certainly seems like if that was loose it would make sense that it wouldnt operate efficiently. Thanks for the info and hopefully this might help someone down the road. I ll follow up in a few days one way or the other.

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