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    Installed n aprilaire 500M automatic whole house humidifier. But then I realized I have a thermostat that can control humidity (TPCM32U04A) but oh well.

    When I went to wire it up I got a little lost. Inside my 5 series there is not a normal thermostat hookup like I have delt with before.
    I need a 24v power source, would R and C going to thermostat work?

    The thermostat only has 4 wires hooked to it. R C A+ B-
    What would I attach to get an ON signal to the humidistat? I believe I only want it to come on when the blower and heat are on?
    Any ides how I should wire this thing?

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    Not sure if this helps but,
    The AXB board has an accessory relay that can be configured to "Cycle with Comm. T-Stat Hum Signal". It is configured with dip switches. See install manual bottom of page 33.

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