Maryland Aprilaire 600 Humidifier not staying on

Discussion in 'Maintenance and Troubleshooting' started by Jamie V., Jan 3, 2018.

  1. Jamie V.

    Jamie V. New Member

    I have a Aprilaire 600 humidifier attached to my WF 7 Geothermal HVAC. The themostat (TPCC32U01) is set to 45% humidity (the house will reach 40%). I have recently noticed that the humidifier will turn on (i.e. water flows) in the morning and brings the humidity up but when I return from work the HVAC is producing heat but the humidity is only 34-36% and the water is no longer flowing.

    Is it normal that the humidifier runs only part of the day or does the WF 7 have a time out for how long the humidifier runs in a given period?


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