Virginia Anyone had a GEO install one trane and one bosch with all 6" flex?

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    I have had nothing but trouble with my 1st and 2nd floor installs of 2 new geo.. replacing my trusty florida heat pumps of 30 years and its gone from bad to worse..
    The lastest episode is that I just went in the attic and under the house and noticed that every last flex is 6".
    Now we know a 6" flex will run maybe 100 cfm +- a few.. so that means I have a 25 sqft bath with one 6" flex so it gets maybe 100cfm.. and I have a 400 sq ft bedroom with 2 6" flex so its getting maybe 200 cfm.. so 400/25 = 16 in my book.. so I should get 16 times more air in the bedroom than the bath.. and what do I have 2x the air.. 200 in the bedroom and 100 in the bath.. JEESH!
    Looks like to me my contractor went to ebay and made a bid on a jillion feet of 6" flex and he plans to save a ton of money on the next 100 installs to us poor dummies that do not know any better....
    And he wonders why that total static pressure is 1.25 vice a .5
    I see no way out but to hire a new contractor who has at least heard of a schedule D... what do you think? other than fire him quick... I did.. its going to arbitration a BBB tomorrow.. but as we know its hard t get anything useful out of any BBB...

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