Kansas Any idea what a ECM blower motor for a Climatemaster costs?

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    I have a ClimateMaster Tranquility 27 5 ton (TTV064AGC01ARKS) that the blower motor needs to be replaced. Any idea of what this will cost to replace? TIA!
  2. Quick reply: Probably an easy $400.00 + Advantage: it is "drop in" and assuming everything else (electric board) is in good shape, it should run immediately.

    My G.E. factory 1/2 h/p ECM unit is still running perfectly, installed in 2008.

    I am inclined to experiment with two other after market competitors sold by Johnstone Supply (and other hvac jobbers) that are claimed to operate as original equipment replacements. Evergreen comes to mind. They used to say that the aftermarkets
    could be programmed "at the counter" for each particular brand. Now they say that on at least one popular aftermarket brand, you just install it and goes through a self test and run/checkout program for about 15 minutes setting up parameters
    for necessary static pressure. and then runs normally. They do WARN however that once started, (like a bios upload to a motherboard) you do not interrupt power while it is in the setup phase. (I assume that if it did not work, you would get your money back)

    Since ECM motors operate off of various low voltage DC signals, and there are pretty much common standards for their operation there is a much lower risk of damaging the ECM unit.

    For example unless I am completely off, I believe that most ECM motors are controlled and operated or actuated by 0 - 10 volt DC signals. There are some other applications (like blowers) where they also use a parallel 24 volts AC. I would have to look at a schematic but the ECM's may take 24 volts AC in and convert it back to DC on their inner board.

    EDIT May 7 2018 : From some of what I have looked at online, many or most of our ECM motors have two separate terminal sections. Usually a high voltage section either for 120 only or 240 volts, or you pick the terminals for your high voltage. The manufacturers are trying to keep it simple. High voltage section has SMALLER terminals, to differentiate it from the lower DC voltage. The lower voltage has, I believe conventional sized terminals. Wires can be hooked up individually which will work, BUT MUST BE HOOKED UP CORRECTLY ! If you buy the factory supplied motor than it is plug in/plug out although you should watch for any locking or release tabs. (Don't break any.) Female terminals should always be in "brand new" condition.

    The aftermarket ECM versions are $120 - $150 less than the factory original. That's all I can say because I am not doing repair work from day to day like many standard technicians. When I replace my own, I will post what I learn on my own geo exchange blog about my unit and share what I learned.

    2nd Edit May 11, 2018 Climate Master and Carrier have parted ways. Genuine original replacement parts will have to come from authorized outlets. In the Carolinas, for example I would have to go to United Refrigeration (They bought out CC Dickson) or Mingledorf in Augusta Ga. or James M. Pleasants in North Carolina. If you want genuine factory parts I would call ClimateMaster and they will give the closest authorized parts supplier in your part of the country.
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    Thanks for the reply and information!

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