Pennsylvania Annual (or Bi) Check/Maintenance?

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    I have a five year old Carrier geo, horizontal closed loop system. I've always had an annual service plan with a local company. For first four years I had used the installing company (Carrier geo certified) and last year I switched to a different company (geo experience but not Carrier dealer) to save $. I'm looking to go back with a certified Carrier shop for my service and am wondering how often these really need to be maintained? Is annual enough or is it better twice/year? I prefer to have the loop pressure necked more than once/yr (reason below * if you care). Can a homeowner get a pressure gauge and check themselves? What is ideal loop pressure? Is a pressure as low as 5 psi ok if system is working ok otherwise (proper temps, etc)? Thanks!

    Recently the tech was here and found loop pressure was extremely low. He tried to add fluid but it started leaking badly at loop IN fitting. He tried to tighten it but (I believe) he made the problem worse by (further?) marring the gasket. The tech left things as is saying the fitting needed to be changed ($300 + labor) saying they had to buy the entire fitting, not just the gaskets. I contacted thenoriginal service company and they had the gaskets in stock and were able to fix quickly and much less $. Fwiw the tech who found the pressure low said it was 5 psi. When I asked the tech who fixed the leak (who's been here many times) what pressure it should be he was evasive with his answer, basically saying he would've left it be @ 5 psi saying they generally leave it be if there's pressure and everything is working ok otherwise.
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    Really, the only regular maintenance that's required is changing filters and ensuring the condensate pump and drain stays clear. Checking loop pressure is good.

    You can buy a gauge that includes a water hose connection and a needle to insert into the PT port on the loop to test and top-up pressure. I think I got mine from Geothermal Products online. You don't need to loosen any fittings to use this tool, but it can take a while to pressurize the loop.

    Waterfurnace recommends the following. Carrier should be similar, and I believe some Carrier units have been made by Waterfurnace in the past. "... pressurize the loop to a static pressure of 40-50 psi (summer) or 50-75 psi (winter). This is normally adequate for good system operation. Loop static pressure will fluctuate with the seasons. Pressures will be higher in the winter months than during the cooling season. This fluctuation is normal and should be considered when initially charging the system."

    You can search on this forum and find discussions of loop pressure. It's not super critical, and there are non-pressurized loop systems out there. If it were my system I'd bump it up to the manufacturer's specs.
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    Thank you. Purchased a gauge tool off GP, now must learn proper way to use it.
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    You want to avoid introducing air into the loop, so you need to purge all the air from the gauge and the hose feeding it. I keep a bucket nearby and purge into that. Wouldn't hurt to keep a trickle of water flowing while inserting the probe. I believe the manual recommends using water-based lubricant on the probe.
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