Alternating loop fields to maintain a higher COP

Discussion in 'Geothermal Loops' started by scott mills, May 22, 2013.

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    Excluding upfront cost, has anyone ever installed 2 loop fields or done the mathematical calculations for a system that tries to keep a geothermal unit closer to its high COP rating, by using a EWT that is closer to ground temp. I am sure many have oversize loops, but that comes with a higher costs pumping. I have looked at performance charts for many different brands of groundwater units. It appears the major differences are differing EWT. I guess this is somewhat of a marketing game. One brand out preforms the other by posting better EER or COP rating by changing the EWT. At some point, physics and science controls. But, technology is changing. I thank all that replied to my previous post. Maybe I wasn't specific enough about my question.
  2. Mark Custis

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    I need to know what your prim objective is. Comfort? Lowest operating cost?

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    Comfort was a big factor so I went with radiant infloor heat throughout the house, I also have a spac-pak hydronic chller unit for AC and hopefully a little warm air in the spring and fall when the infloor heat does not adjust well with big swings in temp. Too much thermal mass when it goes from 30 to 70. I already have enough pipe bought to do 2 large loop fields. Maybe I will never recoop my cost, but it really wasn't that much for the extra pipe. Maybe it will be a 10 year payback.
    Think of this as being something you would do for yourself since you have the equipment and knowledge to do.
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    I will try to do this.

    The home will loose X BTUH at the design day for abc IL. Design day is the worst the weather guys can think of in abc IL. The weather guys write this stuff down.

    The HVAC guys form a club with the goal of making things just big enough. Think goldie and her bear buddies. They stop at a bar and meet a weather guy. The weather guy tells the bears and the HVAC guys about the Data Base of coldest days. Everyone wanted to see this list.

    The weather guys are much like monks, as they record the data and set it aside. The HVAC guys Club sat drinking with the bears when they saw the profit.

    "If we get the data for the coldest day on record according to the weather guys, we can expand our club and charge more dues from club members if we wrote rules".

    "What are rules?", asked the Bears, "We know how to stay warm.".

    The HVAC guys slipped a few bucks to the bartender and told him to keep the bears happy. They then sent a few to the weatherman to get the data.

    This is how we got wild and crazy things like: Manual J, heating and cooling calculations, drunk bears, and people that do not feel comfortable.

    Your system is not doing what you want it to do because you do not go drinking with bears.

    It can be all that it can be.


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