Air sounds in the in ground loop

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    Has anyone put a heat pump in? How's it work?
  2. Eric D

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    Hello Alvinator,

    Yes, I have installed a few units. They work very well in my area.

    Eric D
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    thanks Eric,

    What are the things to look for in building a small home(1500 sq ft) with unfinished basement?

    BTW... I noticed you are a flyer... I built a kit airplane a few years ago...
  4. Eric D

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    Nice website!

    I enjoyed seeing your aircraft, though I've never flown anything like that. Most everything I've flown had aluminum skin or at least a little more to it.

    As far as your home, I would suggest taking a serious look at in floor radiant heating of the floors, and a water to water heat pump if you have a source for the water. I have a shop that I have the in floor radiant heat. It is one of the best feeling heat sources in my humble opinion.

    Keep us posted on how the new home project is progressing.

    Thanks again for sharing your interesting website,

    Eric D:cool:
  5. pstaff

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    I had a geothermal system put in and when the unit turns on it sounds like there is air in the "in" ground loop line that goes to the unit. Is this normal, or should I be concerned about it?
  6. Bergy

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    You should not hear the water moving through your system. You need to have your contractor come back and re-flush the loop field. If it continues to happen your loop may have a leak.

  7. engineer

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  8. teetech

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    Air in the loop is also the leading cause of pump failure.
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    That's why I think it's hard to go wrong with B&D Manufacturing Non-Pressurized flow centers. They continuously purge the system. Pressurized can be a nuisance and have a lot of call backs. I like hooking it up and knowing I won't have to go back for a long time, especially on jobs far away!
  10. teetech

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    Pressure-less systems definitely have their advantages.
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    I do

    hydronics and do not use the push/pull stuff that has become industry standard. I treat a loop field like any other hydronic loop, with expantion tanks, air eliminators and refill stuff.
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    Industry standards

    In this fast-paced cost-cutting world, industry standards are not always the best way of doing things.

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