Alberta Air Lock? Or?

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    We have had our system since 2008. It is a Climate Master Tranquility 27. We are in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada. Following is a summary of the system:

    - installed in 2008
    - Major renovation in 2010, system sat idle for 18 months.
    - 2012 Grundfos pumped burned out because of lack of fluid, was told to monitor pressure and and add water to keep pressure up. At first was only adding water from time to time. I asked about adding straight water and was told I have 5 tons of fluid in the loop it would take a generation before it would be an issue.
    - 2012 took a homeowners general knowledge course and was advised to get an axiom tank to keep pressure constant. At the same time I also put pressure gauges and heat gauges to both incoming and outgoing lines. They are located between the Climate Master and flow center.
    - Again I was told to put water in the axiom tank
    - 2019 (Nov) the inevitable occured and the fluid froze at the point where it goes from the field into the house. At this time the temperature gauges were over 50C 120F. Called in a tech (very hard to find here and obviously disappointing for the advice I'm getting) and diagnosed the frozen pipe, was able to unfreeze pipe. Used flush cart for about 5 hours and added 15 liters of solution to system. Also added one bottle of geo loop conditioner. No issues for the rest of winter and no additional fluid added.

    Last night the temperature was 90F 40C and the Grundfos pumps too hot to touch. I looked in the compartment and saw ice build up just past where the input line was. I turned off the system. I put a small electric heater blowing on the area and in about 60 minutes the ice was mostly gone, the temperature had dropped to 70F 20C.

    I turned the system on there was a very loud gurgle and the heat worked for most of the night. Same issue again. I am thinking that there must have been an air lock? Comments, idea's.

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