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  1. GoHuskers

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    Hi all,

    We moved into out new house for about 1 year. I check the air filter regularly but it never seems to be dirty. I replaced it over the weekend anyway.

    Is it NORMAL for the air filter not being dirty? The house is fine, heating and cooling are fine, monthly electric usage is fine. It is 3 heat / 2 cool Geo system and MOST of the time we are in Stage 1 so air is moving slow but I guess the filter should be dirty......The system has a LARGE return channel so we had to use two (2) 16x25x4 filters taped together. Please see the attached pics for details.

    Thank you,

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  2. AMI Contracting

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    Dirty filters are not always visibly so. Filters get dirty at different rates from a variety of factors. Compare to new filters to determine if they are begining to foul and set schedule accordingly.
  3. GoHuskers

    GoHuskers New Member

    Thanks for the advise. Just bought 6 filters so it should last another year or so.
  4. Stickman

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    Any advice on pleated vs. fiberglass mat filters? I've heard rational opinions on both.
  5. engineer

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    Pleated. If you can see through a filter (typical of fiberglass mat), dust goes right on through and alights on the coil or blower wheel.
  6. GoHuskers

    GoHuskers New Member

    I used pleated.
  7. Mark Custis

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    Go back to what Joe said.

    Pleated are ok, but they sometimes don't show dirty until after the coil is plugged.


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