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    7E84D365-CE03-4CED-B939-AD272BB0FDAE.jpeg BF79CBE6-DBC4-4C8F-B312-82740B95E63E.jpeg 4DFF61CB-5514-41A6-AA29-8793B511D563.jpeg 4DFF61CB-5514-41A6-AA29-8793B511D563.jpeg E548655F-8DF8-444D-BD30-F270EABA4E79.jpeg We purchased a home with an abandoned Geo thermal heat pump. The house currently has a normal electric HVAC system installed.

    The geothermal was never uninstalled, and I know nothing about the system. There is some condensation or leaking coming from pipes (about 6 ounces per day). Some copper pipes feel warm. Do I need to get the system turned off, or drained?

    Please see the pictures, any advice would be much appreciated!
  2. ChrisJ

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    It appears to me to be the hot water generator aka DeSuperheater. Follow the white insulated pipes coming out of the panel.

    Do they go to the hot water heater? If so you could look for shut off valves between the tank and that panel.

    How do you heat your hot water?

    Earthlinked is a system that uses refrigerant in buried copper pipes. Hopefully someone has removed the freon from the system.

  3. Z_CLARK

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    We have an electric tank water heater. There seems to be more plumbing at the water heater than normal. I’ll look for a shut off. There is also a gas water heater on demand, but is currently shut off. The previous owner was a bit of a survivalist, having redundancy.

    How can I tell if the geothermal loop has been emptied? Is it necessary to have it drained? C22FBE87-5CA0-4850-8E2D-9B9890D62190.jpeg FA1F8A87-93CC-4841-8EE0-09295AA10827.jpeg It sounds like I need an HVAC guy and maybe a plumber.
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    With a hot water generator, the electric tank is used as a storage tank. While the Geo system was running it would warm the water in the tank. When the hot water was used, warm water from the tank would go to the gas heater to be heated to final temp.

    Not really necessary to drain it, most of it probably leaked out when system was abandoned. If you are going to have the Geo hardware removed an HVAC guy should try evacuating the system.

    A regular plumber might be able remove the extra plumbing at the water heater. He/She would have to trace the pipes and remove those that are unnecessary. As long as cold water can enter the tank and hot water exit for your use, you will be good.

    Is the on-demand water heater propane or natural gas? If the latter, might be cheaper then electric.
  5. Z_CLARK

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    Chris, Thanks so much for the help! Sounds like a plumber is my first stop.

    The on-demand water heater is natural gas. It was not working 100% of the time when we moved in, so I turned it off and the electric tank on. I think the on-demand unit needs to be serviced (another job for a plumber!).

    Thank you again!!!

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