A Primer on Geothermal Energy Resources and Waste Heat Technologies Workshop (12 Mar 2013)

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    The graduate students of the Geothermal Lab are offering an introductory workshop to teach the basics needed for your geothermal endeavors. From the geology to waste heat technologies, the workshop will cover the foundation needed to follow the conference presentations. Having come from undergraduate degrees in geology, engineering, and finance, their diverse skill sets easily relate to the needs of those new to the industry. This team worked on the Geothermal Map of the United States and the Temperature-at-Depth Maps on Google.org/egs; their research spans from Alaska to Peru.

    The class will include topics such as:

    · Geologic introduction and terminology
    · Geothermal system characteristics
    · Comparison between geothermal and oil & gas production
    · Surface waste heat technologies
    · Financial considerations for project development
    Continuing education credits will be offered (4 hours). A notebook of related materials and lecture notes will be distributed to attendees.

    Register for this class by March 8th, 2013; no on-site registration accepted. Seating is limited to 50 attendees.

    Workshop registration $150/per person: http://smu.edu/geothermal/Oil&Gas/registration/default2013.asp

    Questions about the workshop? Contact:
    Maria Richards 214-768-1975 mrichard@smu.edu
    Cathy Chickering 214-768-1510 catherine@smu.edu


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