$3975 repair but still not fixed

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    The saga continues.....I waited until I had second opinions and a couple proposals for a new system before I reposted, so here goes.

    I had 2 different techs checking out my system and they both came to the same conclusion. There is definately water in my system. The original technician really messed up my furnace. After talking them through the procedures they(original techs) used to diagnose and pressure check the system, it became clear that a major mistake was made.

    Dis-regarding the terrible job brazing,burning insulation, melting the new Sight Glass (aka THE LEAK)during installation etc etc... it seems the procedure for pressuring the system was performed incorrectly. I will try my best to explain this. The water valve was closed so that no water would enter the system during repair, obviously a no brainer, however what they didn't do was open one of the facets/valves on either side of my unit. These are like outside garden house facets. I have one after my water shutoff valve(before heat exchangef) and I have one before my water valve solenoid(after heat exchanger). I was told by my second opinion guys that these facets are used to flush the exchanger during regular servicing.

    Now here is where they went wrong. According to my second opinion guys, the original techs should have opened one of the facets to allow the refrigerant to escape if there was indeed a leak. But instead they were both closed and we presume that the entire system was pressurized not realizing the leaky heat exchanger was included. Thats why the system remainded constant at 200psi during his final check. This mistake allowed them to believe there wasn't any leaks in my system therefore they recharged my lines and turned the unit on. Everything worked but not for long(3hrs). Once the refrigerant was discharged into my heat exchanger, the zero pressure allowed water to flood my entire unit making it unrepairable.

    I now have 2 quotes for a new system. A very reputable company's proposal was for $12,000 for a legend water furace and the other quote was from the original company who f##ed it up. It's for $16,000 for a Nodic system. I have researched this Nordic and from what I hear it appears like they are screwing me again.

    It gets better, about a week ago the original tech came knocking. He handed me court papers. They are taking me to court for the cost of the repair plus interest.
    I have explained to the owner that I was not too blame for this mess. His technicians pressure checked the system and all checked out good. Since water ended up in my system in just 3 hrs it would leave one to believe that a major step was missed. The owner did not care for my comment.

    We are at our wits end. Part of me wants to pay the repair and have them out of our lives for good then have the reputable company install the waterfurnace. Another part of me wants to take THEM to court and have them pay for a new system.

    I am a Canadian soldier with an electronics trade. I work on a base in Ontario. We had a HVAC technician that was working on our heating in our building. This quy was an experienced pro. I told him my situation and he immediately came out to have a look. (free of charge)This was one of my second opinions guys. Although he knew nothing about a geo system, he quickly found many things wrong and immediately asked me if they opened one of the facets during the pressure check. I told him about this forum and he as asked me to ask the pro's here if not opening the facet be infact, the root of this whole problem.

    There you have it. An incredible nightmare that won't go away. We are very close to giving up and sending them a new check.

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    Sorry about the difficulties you've been having. I'm not in Canada and don't know the laws, but here in the US, (in TX anyway) you have to be served court papers by an "official" process server, be it the local Sheriff's office, Constable or licensed process server.

    IMO, a lawsuit is the absolute last solution. I've been involved in several and "won" but after all the time, delays, heartache and attorney fees, I think I only got more gray hair. It may be prudent to just have a consult with a local attorney.
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    Woody, you said water went through your heat exchanger and into the refrigerant? Around here, that happens when the well water is too acid or alkaline. Open loop water has to be within the pH ranges the manufacturer specifies, or it eats right through the heat exchanger in a couple years or less.

    Do you know if the original installers had the water tested before they used it for an open loop? You may want to have it checked (or re-checked) before you have a new system installed. If the water is no good, you might be looking at the cost of installing a closed loop.
  4. woody

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    I have a pool and hot tub to maintain so I keep a close eye on my pH etc etc...so I am confident that my water is ok. I have a new system now. Its a waterfurnace with a nupronickel heat exchanger. I was very impressed with the installation. They immediately took the old unit to the shop and returned the compressor, exchanger, dryer and sight glass so I could take closeup pics for my court issue. They were shocked to hear what had happened. I checked the Better Business Bureau and sure enough, there was a complaint againts "said" company that was similiar to mine. ("repairs causing more damage" was the title)

    I have filed a rebuttle against there claim. Now I am in the process of making my own claim against the company for the price of my new furnace, my heating bill and court costs.

    Its amasing how much info I have gathered already. When I am done, I would like to post my "sequence of events" court evidence for you pros to have a look at. There could be something I am missing that would help me win.(then again maybe thats not a good idea lol)

    Texas Cooler,

    Your absolute right. Probably not worth the aggrevation and heartache. Believe me, there were/are many sleepless nights. However I think it is a matter of principle.

    thanks guys


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