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Discussion in 'Maintenance and Troubleshooting' started by Contractor22, Dec 29, 2012.

  1. Contractor22

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    I have a new system and it is a 10 ton 2 stage systemclosed loop. I have the GW1101-1-U0T0 Geosource Econar. I have it set up withwall mounted water fan blowing system MultiAqua MHWW-36-H1 9 blowers total andwith radiant for 1st floor. I have the wall mounted blowers as back up for theheat and also for a.c. on 1st floor and just the blowers for the 2ndfloor. I noticed that the guy that did theinstallation did not connect the 24v wire for the 2nd stage pump and I waswondering why the heat pump runs all the time as it could not catch up toproduce the 105 to 110 degrees that the aqua stat was set to. This reallyhappens on the days that it is below 35 degrees outside. I tried to test thecompressor thinking he just left the wire off. I put my amp probe on one leg ofthe single phase and when just the one compressor is running it is average of20+ amps. I pushed in the relay for the 2nd stage compressor and as soon as Idid that the amps jumped really high in the 200+ range for that second or twoand then the compressor just turned off. I figured maybe I should try toconnect the wire that was left off to see if it should try to do it on its ownrather than me pushing in the relay to try to kick it on. Same exact thinghappened and then the 2nd stage compressor shut down on its own. Then about aminute later it tried again on its own and the same exact thing happened again.I stopped at that point sis not want to make a bad situation worse. I tried togogle ow to test a compressor and it said to see if I get 3 or 4 ohms on the 2out of the 3 wires and also test ach wire to ground. I did the test on the 1stcompressor to see the results I get and I got 3 ohms and no ground. Then I didit to the 2nd compressor and I got 1 ohm if even. I tested it to ground and hadno ground. This is as far as I went.

    I just have to say I am having a real bad experience with the guy that did theinstall and he is the most difficult guy to get in touch with. I am anelectrician by trade for about 12 years then I opened up a GC company. I am ahands on guy. I figured I should go with a geo system and save some bucks on myheating and cooling but all I am having is a big head ache with this entire setup and this terrible geo installer.

    Any help would be greatly appreciated.

  2. Mark Custis

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    I think stage two was deliberately disabled. What you are seeing, this number can be found on the manufactures plate for the machine or the compressor, is locked rotor amperage, (LRA) when No 2 tries to fire and then it shuts down on the internal over heating safety.

    Two things are the most likely cause, first would be an issue with the run capacitor, bad cap or wire off, second the compressor has a locked rotor.

    Since you have the electric meter, can you read the wiring diagram?

  3. Contractor22

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  4. Mark Custis

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    With the power of inspect the wiring from No 2 contractor to the run capacitor and on to the compressor terminals. Make sure all is connected and tight. Do the same with the start assist circuit if used.

    One can test the capacitor with the ohm portion of your electric meter, but one needs to remove one or both wires to the capacitor.

    If start assist is not used and the capacitor checks OK try adding same before condemning the compressor.

    If you have to replace the compressor order new start components too.

  5. AMI Contracting

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    I don't know how this unit is set up. Are the 2 compressors isolated on their own refrigerant circuits?
  6. Contractor22

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    Yes they are isolated.
  7. johnny1720

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    Where exactly are you located?
  8. urthbuoy

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    If isolated, then 2nd compressor maybe locked out due to low or no refrigerant. There is likely a low pressure switch you can find and see if it is open or closed - assuming this econar is like the ones I service around here. No indicators (ie commercial unit).
  9. AMI Contracting

    AMI Contracting A nice Van Morrison song Industry Professional Forum Leader

    As Mark mentioned elsewhere you need to check the capacitor on that compressor.

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