2nd Floor Geo Does not Reach Set Point or Control Humidity on Hot Days

Discussion in 'Maintenance and Troubleshooting' started by Gruzen5, Jul 5, 2014.

  1. Gruzen5

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    I just had a 5 series Waterfurnace split system installed in my house ... Everything seemed great until the outside air temperatures exceeded 85 F. When the temperatures are hot, the system runs continuously on stage 2 and never reaches the set temperature of 78 F- the temperature stays at 80 f The humidity has risen to as high as 70 %. The contractor has checked the coil temperatures when the outside temperature was 82 and said they were better than specification. My old heat pimp cooled the upstairs rather easily. There were slight ducting changes made at the fan unit due to where the fan unit was placed. My contractor does not know why the system is not performing .... He plans to come back out to troubleshoot. The easiest explanation could be a duct leak but are there any other thoughts.?
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    What was the design temp for the system? I.E. the balance point? Was a load calc done prior to install? Eliminate all the easy stuff first, then start digging. For information, LOL!
  3. AMI Contracting

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    .....where are you? what is the load? what size heat pump? start with the troubleshooters guide and answer as many questions as you can.
  4. Gruzen5

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    I am in southern Maryland ....it is a 3 ton system. The contractor did a load analysis of the house ... The point at which the system is calculated to no longer cool the house is 97F.... I will ask the contractor for the load analysis .... I'm not sure what you mean by balance point but I will find out. Appreciate the advice .... I'll update status after they come back out to troubleshoot.
  5. waterpirate

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    The design balance point being 97 is good news as long as the design was followed. Has the installer offered any solutions? It may be something simple in the machine or in the loop. Eastern shore or western? Is it a package unit or a split? What was your loop design? I know it seems like a million questions, but the depth of experiance here to help you is well worth the effort to answer.
  6. Gruzen5

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    No solutions offered yet but they've only been out once so far. I expect them to be out tomorrow afternoon.... It is really odd.... For example ... Today 82 f outside temperature ... The system seems to work fine. .... 47% humidity and no problem reaching set pt if 77 and holding it.... The. Tomorrow when it is 93 .... It behaves totally different ....

    Anyway, I live south of Waldorf near Solomon's Island. It is a split unit .... The downstairs unit runs 2 zones... The basement and 1st floor... The downstairs unit is running great... I have 5 vertical wells (225 ft each). The line going from the basement to the attic was run on the outside of the house due to potential contamination from the old system..... My question is whether the thermal load associated with the higher temperatures may be having an effect on warmer days through his outside line to the attic?... The. Contractor mentioned that possibly the expansion valve in the attic may not be operating properly ... They plan to check for leaks , check inlet temperatures to the fan ... Maybe a few other things ....don't mind answering the questions ... I spent a Lot of money on this system and just want it to work .... Appreciate any input you have !
  7. Mark Custis

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    I am not sure why anyone uses splits in the geo world.

    There are too many TGW.

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  8. AMI Contracting

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    Okay so you have a 3 ton unit, and another, five vertical wells none of that tells me what the requirements are. Sorry not enough useful info to offer help.
  9. engineer

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    We use geo splits when we need to keep the noisy compressor with its connection via rubber hoses to a limitless aquifer out of the attic above or closet next to a noise or vibration sensitive room...such as the master suite.

    The TGW count of a geo split is no more than the TGW count of an air source heat pump, no no problems there for us. My preference is for package units, but I won't risk compressor noise / vibration too close to sensitive interior rooms...once that train has left the station, it won't ever come back!
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  10. mldncx

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    What is TGW?
  11. mtrentw

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    TGW=Things to Go Wrong

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