2 yr old house and geo and 120 EWT :(

Discussion in 'Maintenance and Troubleshooting' started by NoForeignOil, Sep 7, 2012.

  1. NoForeignOil

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    Speaking for my Niece since I know a lot about geo. Her system has a problem. It kicked off on EWT over temp when there was a lot of summer left. During the winter her EWT is pretty low. I have not been able to check it out real close, she is several hundred miles away. She is not rich so is conservative with the thermostat. The house is well insulated and the system was installed when house was built two yrs ago. There is no buffer tank on the de-superheater. I am getting ready to contact the contractor and thought I might ask some of your opinions as to what to say or ask of him in a letter or phone. I was thinking to ask for all the specs of the loop (horizontal slinky) and the pump. Also I think a good flow cart would give you GPM along with head pressure. I want to know those numbers. I sure hope it is air and not a rock on a tube or undersized loop.
    I put a thermometer on her entering water when it was new. I only remember it being low (winter). The contractor told my niece to give it a yr. or two to for the soil to settle. Now he is saying water the loop field and have the nieghbors come over for free hot water. I do not like hearing those kinds of statements at all.
    I have studied this forum about three yrs ago for 6 months and have learned a ton from what I consider top notch professionals who really do give a darn. I hope her contractor can fix this and not contribute to giving such a good industry a bad name!
    Any feedback or answers will be greatly appreciated! Thanks!
  2. Howard Ek

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    Where is she located?
  3. NoForeignOil

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    I will find out what type of soil. Probably clay. I have one horizontal loop in Oklahoma in sand and clay 6 feet deep 600' 1.5 ton. It is at it's highest EWT in 3 yrs now at 100 degrees.
  4. engineer

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    120*F EWT isn't going to work.

    Trick will be to determine why that is happening.

    Either loop is way undersized or part of it offline owing to being air-locked.

    This is conjecture based on limited failure info - need more data
  5. NoForeignOil

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    I hear you on the more info needed. I will call the contractor and get all I can and see if I can get some updated temps and electricity usage. I think the contractor had been back out there but I do not know what they did.
  6. AMI Contracting

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    What was the "low" winter temp.
    Your information is so spartan we can't hope to help and you need to answer direct questions.
    I am unclear as to where the system is located.
    I am unclear as to how we know it cycled off due to low water temp.
    Lots of contractors employ DSH without buffer tanks because the manufacturers' tell them it works that way. I have a hard time looking down my nose at those guys when makers of the equipment continue to endorse the practice (heck on this forum WF insisted it was okay).
    Take a deep breath answer as many questions as you can and maybe we can help....or put your niece "on the phone" with us.
  7. NoForeignOil

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    I will get A LOT more info

    I don't think it went off in the winter other than switching to backup source which I think is Electric. I know her winter ewt went pretty low around 25 or less. I know that around July 20th in this heat and drought it shut down on overtemp. Contractor came out and turned off the circuit breaker to the water heater and said to use a lot of hot water and water the loop.
    My neice may register for the forum.
    I will get A LOT more info. Just a few things I have thought of since my first post is Laminar flow, system sized to house etc. I really do value all of your inputs and do appreciate it. Lets not spend any more time on it until I get the info. I will check out the climatemaster load calculator. My Dad built the house, he has been building for over 45 yrs. It is in East Central Iowa.
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    Joe - Road trip?
  9. AMI Contracting

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    u first ;)-
    I'm so busy it's nuts.
    Home inventory finally exhausted and starts are crackin'.
    I couldn't get a roof repair for a month!

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