2 DSH pipe Leaks--Worth repairing 6 Yr old system?

Discussion in 'Maintenance and Troubleshooting' started by PACHiefFan, Apr 29, 2013.

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    I had a WF (WaterFurnace) E-series, 4 ton, closed loop system installed Jan. 2006 in new construction near Orwigsburg, PA. Water is public. There are 4 of us in the house. I have an instant (electric) WH that is fed from the 80 gal. tank the DSH is looped through. All of this is indoors in unconditioned basement. We use about 3500 gallons of water a month (About 1/2 of this is used for hot water?)
    There are 2 leaks inside the WF unit, in the copper piping going to DSH. We braised the first leak costing $200. A month later the piping leaks inside a "grey T" about 2 feet above the original leak. We turned DSH pump off and closed valves that feed it (as temporary or permanent fix).
    To replace the DSH the estimate is $700 after WF allowance. ----My question. How long will it take to get back the $700 cost.

    WF offered 15% off a new unit. I think it should be 75% off because I only used 25% of the probable life of the unit!!!

    Would complaining to BBB about the defects in workmanship do any good?

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    Have you had your water tested and checked it against WF specs. Some munincipalities will post water test results online. i believe all public water suppliers are required to make them available.
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    If for argument's sake you heat 1750 gallons of water per month from 55 to 125 using electrical resistance at $0.11 / kWh (national average) that works out to about 300 kWh or $33 / month. (I'm giving the tankless a bit of a pass, assuming it runs at 100% efficiency, but it is close enough)

    The DSH could reasonably offset 50% of that cost if properly configured with a buffer tank, so maybe $200 / year savings. I'd go for the $700 repair.

    Forget BBB...it lives off gullible business members's fees while providing a form of opium to the masses...the idea that an individual complaint will actually make a scintilla of difference. Know that WaterFurnace is a national company that has an infinitesimal impact from a local BBB complaint
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    I'm sorry this is a very uncommon problem. Unfortunately "stuff" happens. Usually it is a water thing when a DSH leaks. If WF is contributing at all to the repair then it is your serviceman who isn't. If he is the one who originally sold you the equipment, he needs to do a little contributing of his own.

    "WF offered 15% off a new unit. I think it should be 75% off because I only used 25% of the probable life of the unit!!!"
    I'm struggling with your math here. Were you expecting 29 years or so out of this thing? That's what it would be if you only used a quarter of the life.
    I think it's reasonable to expect an average of 20 years from a heat pump which means some may get 25 and some may get 15.
    FWIW if you purchased a furnace of the same era you would likely have no warranty (unless it were a problem addressed by a class action lawsuit against the "then" biggest player).

    Good luck,

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