100+ year old center chimney

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    I'm looking into converting from a 1939 converted coal fired (converted to oil) gravity fed hot water system. The radiators are huge. My thought is that the old coal burner wouldn't heat up as much as the oil and therefore a water to water system would be effective. Am I misleading myself?

    Second, if I am, could I remove the brick chinmey and use that space to incorporate the vents for a water to air system?
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    If your thinking of using the existing radiators for a water to water system, Geothermal water to water systems can not heat up the water hot enough to utilize existing radiators, it's designed for heat via tubing under the flooring.
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    Does anyone know the temperature that old coal fired systems used to run at?

    I believe it was between 100 and 120, with gravity feed it would be continually circulating.
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    Hot water radiators require temperatures between 180 to 200 degrees F, and steam radiators are either above or pretty close to boiling temperature. (212 F). A geothermal water to water system can get the water up to around 125 degrees F tops. The only way your going to get a water to Water geothermal system to work is with piping laid under the entire floor, it's just not going to generate enough heat in the radiator to warm an entire room.

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