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    Hi All,

    New here as you guessed it because it’s hot. Geothermal isn’t “running as it should” in my very unprofessional opinion.

    Had a tech out yesterday and informed me we had two issues, one loop was showing only 12psi, the other was showing 0 psi. We filled up the one from 12 (got to 40psi) but could not get any pressure reading on the 0 psi loop. He checked the location where you could drain it? (of the 0 psi loop) and water did come out.

    His diagnosis, either a block or a leak.

    He wants to come back with another guy to drain the system as he said it’s a two person job.

    I asked why not try to fill up the loop, he said he didn’t know what would happen.

    Thoughts? We’re asking them to come back and drain as we don’t really have any other options, and it’s hot.

    I'm posting the picture as I figured it would be more accurate for responses, if this isn't the case let me know and I can dig.

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