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  1. ToolmanJohn
  2. CMC8
    CMC8 docjenser
    Thank you for suggestions. I'll trybto gather the info. Just curious to know if the site is same as as i saw something similar to what you have suggested.

  3. mtrentw
    mtrentw Mark Custis
    Partial fail on the in-law unit today. I didn't do through diagnosis. Room was 7 degrees below setpoint calling for stage 2 heat. No power at the loop circ pump. A hard reset at circuit breaker and it came back.
    I know CM had some issues with the 7 AMP loop pump breakers. I touched the 7 AMP breakers inside the unit and it didn't seem like they were popped. If it goes again, I may reach out.
  4. Tyler
    Tyler Mark Custis
    Hi mark my number is(419) 966-0082 feel free to contact me anytime
  5. claudia
    How do I turn a Hydrozone panel back on?Was trying to install room thermostats.Nothing works.Fuse in breaker box OK,but panel not lit up:(((
  6. claudia
    Any guess why geo not cooling buffer tank? Hydrozone control reads tank setpt 45F,actual tank temp at 76F. Blower works (rm temp air).Tx
  7. milkweed
    milkweed heatoldhome
    I am curious which retailer you ordered your geothermal pipe (PE4710) from..?
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    2. milkweed
      That makes sense, butt fusion probably only requires the two ends to match, so SIDR instead of SDR or DR would be no problem. Back when I was looking at costs for butt fusion iron and jig it was way more expensive than for the socket fusion iron and adapters. Though socket fusion equipment was expensive also, it could be gotten for half of butt fusion equipment.
      Mar 2, 2016
    3. mrrxtech
      On ebay there is a good chance that you could buy a used McElroy butt end weld jig with heater and face cutting tool at a good price. When I was watching them they were less than $500 and lower.
      If I were going to do more than one loop I would have purchased one.
      Mar 2, 2016
    4. mrrxtech
      I paid over $800 to have the pipe fused at the house and paid earlier to have loop joints welded out in the field. I should have done it all in one step and paid less, but that takes a lot of preplanning. With renting a trencher I focused on the outside loop first, but wasn't ready for inside since I didn't have the surge volume device that I wanted identified and purchased yet.
      Mar 2, 2016
  8. rtaylor345
  9. rtaylor345
    rtaylor345 engineer
    Have to replace a 2o ton water to water florida heat pump... the envelop is small than when 1st installed 15 years ago Should the heat pump be sized down?
  10. milkweed
    milkweed heatoldhome
    Thank you for sharing that photo of your basement wall perforations, nice setup!
    Please tell me some details about your configuration.
    You mentioned you have a three ton heat pump.
    You said you have "3 loops of 1" srd 800' long", are those horizontal loops?
    Is that 800 feet per loop?
    1. heatoldhome
      Feb 18, 2016
  11. Rosco
    DX system user
  12. ES - Stoneham MA
    ES - Stoneham MA batman71
    Hi batman71, I read about you having issues with power consumption on you WF, I have the same issue. What did you do to resolve it? and did the solo resolve your issues?
  13. Geothermal Spirits
    Geothermal Spirits Mark Custis
    The best thing I see on your website is the equipment you installed. Looks like Climatemaster. Couldn't see any real custom sheetmetal. But you probably use supply air plenum boxes like the rest of them. Not truly custom?
  14. Geothermal Spirits
    Geothermal Spirits Mark Custis
    Plus I have yet to meet an actual qualified mechanical contractor from OHIO. So I guess it runs in the water up there or something?
    I don't know.
    Do you know the NCI boys up there where you are?
  15. Geothermal Spirits
    Geothermal Spirits Mark Custis
    It seems that you are a very opinionated individual set against others achievements and are very quick to lay labels to judge people. No matter your age you can act with respect and integrity. How do you become the leader of such a forum with such a poor outlook.
    Wow you are not the only guy in the country my friend who knows a little something.
  16. danGSHP
    Getting Educated
  17. gnick
    gnick KJW
    I am a retired mech engr living in Dallas after 33 yr in Houston. I've had a geo with DSH since 2009 and would be happy to share my thoughts and data with you outside the forum. Let me know if you are interested. Gary
  18. Dan Dillner
    Dan Dillner
    Looking forward to summer!
  19. Tamar
    Tamar ACES-Energy
    Hi AJ, can you confirm you got the flowcenter and pumps I shipped back in November? I see you've been busy with opening a new business....just want to make sure that my old equipment is being put to good use! Thanks, Tamar
  20. Sherwoodator
    Thanks, email has been sent. Eric