Efficiency Maine Incentives

eff maine  logo  4CwhitebackgroundMaine is the most heating-oil dependent state in the country, but figures released by the U.S. Census show its use here continuing to wane: 67% of homes relied on oil for primary heating in 2012, down from 69% percent in 2011 and 80.2 percent in the year 2000.

Industry officials point to a mix of increased efficiency and trying to avoid oil’s volatile, rising prices as factors behind the trend. News of the decrease came as Efficiency Maine announced a new program with $6.2 million in rebates to entice Maine homeowners into new energy projects. It could save, collectively, 630,000 gallons of heating oil a year, according to Executive Director Michael Stoddard. He hopes 3,500 homeowners take part in the new Home Energy Savings Program. Incentives range from $250 toward a pellet or wood stove to $5,000 toward a pellet boiler or geothermal heat pump system. The $5,000 rebate is capped at 50 participants and is the only incentive that requires pre-approval. Read more here.