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Southern Geothermal, Inc.

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Southern Geothermal, Inc. Is an Award Winning Company Specializing in Geo Thermal Loop Services in Georgia and South Carolina. We are the leader in Geo Thermal Loop Services in the Georgia/Carolina area with over 700 installations.

Southern Geothermal Loop Services
Our Company has been installing Geothermal Systems for over 15 years. We are a licensed Heating and Air Contractor. However in recent years we have started providing our specialized loop services to other Heating and Air Contractors in Georgia and South Carolina. We realized many years back that that there was a shortage of experienced loop contractors in the south. We decided to start offering our loop services to other HVAC Contractors throughout the south. Most HVAC contractors are very good at installing the equipment and air ducts but either lack the experience or the specialized equipment and tools necessary to install a ground loop correctly. This part of the system must be installed correctly or the Geothermal Unit will not function to its full potential. With over 15 years experience installing Geothermal Systems and Ground Loops you can rest assured that your Ground Loop will be installed by the most experienced Loop Contractor in the Southeast.

Heating & Air Contractors
If you are considering a Geothermal System either for your existing home or your new dream home we can recommend an experienced HVAC contractor in your area. We can also install loops for home owners who prefer to use their own trusted Heating and Air Contractor.

Horizontal Bore Loops
Southern Geothermal has perfected the horizontal bore loop. With the use of our Vermeer Horizontal Boring machine we are able to install our ground loops with very little land disturbance. This is a very attractive option for homeowners with established yards. This loop is far superior to open trench loops for several reasons. The loop is installed under existing landscape and structures such as garages, shops, patios, pools, etc. without any land disturbance. Horizontal Bore loops are also installed much deeper in some cases 20 feet deep. Horizontal Bore loops also have many advantages over vertical bored loops. Horizontal Drilling is much less expensive than vertical drilling. Vertical Bores also create a lot of spoils and water that come to the top and must be disposed of. These spoils create quite a mess and will destroy existing landscape. Vertical Bores are much more suited to new home construction and very small lots.

Why you should consider Geothermal for your next Comfort System

Heat and cool your home with your own back yard.
How would you like to have a heating and air conditioning system in your home that can:
• Save energy and slash electric bills
• Cut greenhouse gas emissions
• Rid your yard of unsightly outdoor equipment
• Drastically reduce the cost of your hot water
• Reduce maintenance costs– even as it improves the year-round comfort of your home?

Provide you with a 30% Tax Credit for the installation of a geothermal system in your home.

What A Geothermal System Does.
Geothermal systems provide heat in the winter and cooling in the summer, at efficiencies that are far better than those for most alternative systems. Like conventional heat pumps, they are essentially air conditioners that can also run in reverse to provide heat in the winter. The primary difference is that they rely on the nearly constant temperature of the earth for heat transfer instead of the widely fluctuating temperatures of the outside air. That is the key to the geothermal unit’s surprising efficiency. As a matter of fact the E.P.A has identified geothermal systems as the most energy efficient, environmentally clean, and cost-effective conditioning systems available.

Your yard retains energy from the sun and stores it, just like a big battery. Geothermal systems simply take this energy and transfers it into your home either by heating or cooling your home. Also there is enough energy left over to basically heat your hot water for free. By using this method instead of trying to capture heat from the cold air in the middle of the winter, the way an Air Source Heat Pump does, makes geothermal systems up to 70% more efficient than any other heating and cooling system.

Why Southern Geothermal, Inc.
We specialize in Geothermal Systems. It is all we do. We have installed over 700 units in Georgia and South Carolina. We probably have a working system close to your home. We have invested many hours of training so that when we install your loop system you can have confidence it will perform to its highest potential. Our team is IGSHPA certified to install horizontal closed, vertical closed, and closed lake loops.

A Quote from Southern Geothermal, Inc.
Please email us at or call 706-541-0999 and we will have one of our Partner HVAC contractors contact you for a quote. If you prefer to use your own HVAC contractor we can provide you with a loop quote to accompany their quote. We would require a load tonnage from your contractor so we could properly design the loop.

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