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Business Types: Conductivity Testing, Consultants, Contractors — Commercial, Designers, Engineers, Ground Loop Installers

Most of us are all too aware of our responsibility to protect and enhance the environment in which we work and operate.

Business leaders have found that managing activities in a responsible way not only helps to reduce the negative impacts on the environment (e.g. production of waste, natural resource preservation) but also reduces production costs significantly.

But did you know that sustainability and “going green” are also leading competitive business advantages?

That’s where we come in: PWGC will work with you to integrate environmental best practice measures into key areas of the business stream and current working practices.

We’re also experts at emergency response situations, waste management and redevelopment — so we’re ready to jump in, no matter what stage you’re at.

With over two decades of multidisciplinary experience in a wide range of environmental compliance and engineering services and offices in New York (Bohemia, Syracuse, NYC), Washington (Seattle), and Connecticut (Shelton), we’re equipped to serve a broad range of clients across many industries.

Whether your objectives are planning, design, redevelopment, or otherwise, you can count on us to develop solutions that are economical and within budget.

PWGC is committed to our client’s goals, and we use all available technology to find the best plan to fit your needs and budget. Our diverse team of professionals provides us the dynamic flexibility to deliver customized solutions to projects regardless of size, complexity or duration.

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