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Northern GroundSource, Inc.

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Northern Minnesota’s longest established professional contractor specializing exclusively in the design and installation of high-performance geothermal heating and cooling systems for the extreme northern climate. Fully credentialed in both residential & commercial GHEX/GSHP system design.

Thank you for your interest in economical, energy-saving geothermal energy for your northern Minnesota home or business. After completing several hundred successful installations since 2001, Northern GroundSource has proven how a properly designed and installed geothermal heating cooling system can bring you extraordinary economy and comfort in the unique cold climate of the Northland…and how you can improve your quality of life right now directly from the earth’s “free” geothermal heat!

Advanced ColdClimate™ Geothermal…Designed for the Northland

GroundSource—and the advanced ColdClimate™ technology of TETCO® Geothermal Heat Pumps from ENERTECH®—you can maximize how much you will benefit from a northern geothermal system in an environment where annual heating costs can go through the roof.

By ALSO offering you the dependable, highly versatile heat pump technologies of BOSCH® and Hydron Module®, Northern GroundSource can bring to the table many other excellent options—to help ensure that you find the perfect geothermal solution for achieving 96-100% geothermal comfort…affordably.

Your Most Economic Energy Alternative…

When properly sized, designed, and installed—a Minnesota geothermal heat pump system should deliver at least 70% in energy savings versus gas, fuel oil, or electric resistance heat. With an Energy Star certified ColdClimate™ heat pump you can often save more. A lot depends on your contractor…and the integrity of your geothermal installation.

While geothermal cost of installation can vary greatly from site to site, it generally increases proportionately by how much you have to heat…(which also determines the required size and type of your earth loop). But energy cost savings increase proportionately as well. In the Northland geothermal energy savings can translate into $100s—usually $1,000s—annually compared to conventional heating & cooling systems….

Typical ground source heat pump system cost recovery is usually just 5-8 years for the average new home built to normal energy standards (even less time than that after local utility rebates and current 30% Federal Tax Credit for geothermal). Even if you finance the “extra” cost of geothermal, your monthly energy cost savings will usually exceed the increase in your monthly payment!

Exploring Your Options…

As a NATE qualifed specialty trade contractor, Northern GroundSource will never compromise in proper geothermal sizing, design, materials, or workmanship “just to get the job”. You can depend on an honest, reputable, and widely respected northland business to help you consider all your options. You will feel more confident working directly with a highly qualified geothermal design consultant (not just an installer)…. We want to make sure your geothermal installation works—not just by “accident” but by design.

In fact—if we do not happen to think your situation is a good fit for geothermal, we will be the first ones to honestly tell you.

To find out what your options might be for geothermal or to request a free comprehensive design proposal-estimate (complete with operating cost and energy savings projections for the next 30 years)…call Northern GroundSource today!

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