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New England Renewable Energy Systems

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We are here to deliver you the highest quality HVAC and renewable energy systems, for the lowest, most predictable energy costs possible.

New England Renewable Energy Systems has a single mission to serve our customers by enabling the lowest most predictable energy costs possible and in certain cases a net-zero energy status for applications in and around Boston Massachusetts, its suburbs, Cape Cod and many areas of New England.

Our geothermal and water-based heat pump experience is second to none. In 2012, we installed over 150 tons of geothermal systems for commercial and residential applications including homes, with 1700 to over 10,000 square feet, the first-of-its-kind community residential geothermal system in Massachusetts, and a multiple commercial building complex served by a common geothermal ground heat exchange system.

Our company has installed, repaired or serviced over 4000 tons of water-based heat pump systems in the past five years, and we continue building in-depth technological expertise. Our staff understands that not one renewable technology is appropriate for all needs; more often an integration of technologies provides the most valuable, effective, and community sensitive solution.

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