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Heating, Ventilating & Air Conditioning Service

Minnick’s HVAC, Plumbing, & Insulation is family-owned has been proudly serving the Laurel, Maryland community and beyond for over 63 years. Heating & Air Conditioning/HVAC, Plumbing, Home Energy Auditors When your home isn’t heating or cooling properly, you assume your HVAC system is to blame, however, it’s often the symptom of a different issue. At Minnick’s, our whole home comfort approach ensures we solve the real issue, so you have a healthy, comfortable home! Full home services family-owned company, proudly serving the Laurel, Maryland community and beyond since 1954! Book a service with us today. Family Owned & Operated Home Performance Contractor performing Energy Audits so you know how well your home is performing by knowing how much energy your home is using, the efficiency of your HVAC, how well your home is sealed, and insulated. MD-HVAC #01-2426

Many people live in uncomfortable homes that are hemorrhaging money. What they don’t realize is that the same home may also be making them sick. We assess underlying issues by looking at the whole home to prescribe permanent solutions. With the right knowledge, care, and effort we can make your home a place you never want to leave. COVID-19 UPDATE: At Minnick’s, the safety and wellbeing of our team and our customers are of the utmost importance. For this reason, we have taken the following steps: – Enhanced cleaning procedures have been implemented including sanitation stations and the distribution of cleaning supplies so that our technicians, the equipment they use, their vehicles, and our office can be cleaned frequently.

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