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Have you been (or are you) trapped in a home that costs you too much to support each month in the way of energy costs?  Are you tired of looking toward perpetually higher bills and a loss of your financial control?

Make a change.  Be sure the house you’re in is properly weatherized to produce savings.  Learning how to use less energy by how you live can also help.  If you’re thinking of a new home, incorporating the best elements for energy conservation should be your first step.  Lower heat loss and less heat gain equals smaller HVAC equipment sizes and greater efficiency in heating and cooling.

This Web site exists to get you thinking about cost effective steps in retrofitting your building or designing a more efficient one from scratch.  It also exists to point you toward the many free resources within easy reach prior to (or instead of) your spending for a paid consultant.  Your energy-providing utility likely has programs for free energy audits, showing you where that next dollar of investment to fight energy costs should be spent.  Many also provide free or nearly free weatherization assistance for your existing home.

The pages on this site will provide you with many links to investigate energy saving measures and technological solutions.  Even if you’re planning a new home, you would be well advised to review much of this information.  The pathways in energy savings are like gravity—they don’t go away.

As I’ve always said, “A smart and well-insulated house doesn’t need to be greased, timed or tuned to perform.  It just saves you money every day you live in it”.
                                                                                             —Bill M.


Bill Martin self-studied residential energy conservation and built his first heat pump-equipped home in the mid-70s.  By 1980, he had promoted energy conservation for two years in Plumas, Lassen, and Sierra counties on a grant from the California Energy Commission and four regional electric utilities.  He was certified by the California Energy Commission in 1981 to train energy auditors and began selling and installing solar thermal systems.  He developed related course offerings at Feather River College and trained contractors in Title-24 content, statewide.  Efficiency in residential energy design is his passion; ground source heat pumps are his favorite technology, and his current house was built with adequate solar PV to attain carbonless Zero Net Energy (positive) in 2014-15.  He is an IGSHPA-Certified Ground Source Heat Pump Installer and currently serves as President of CaliforniaGeo, the advocacy and promotion organization working to deploy more geothermal heat pumps in California buildings.

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