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Business Types: Component Manufacturers, Suppliers
Organizations: International Ground Source Heat Pump Association

Kilfrost has been proudly family-owned and run for three generations, and we remain as committed to innovation and to the research and development of next generation products.  From the development of world-first fluids for the protection of aircraft during World War Two, we are the original pioneers and still lead the way today.

Now serving the heating, cooling, and ventilation sectors through our speciality fluids division, we provide exceptional products, unparalleled expertise, and unrivalled customer care.

As a leading manufacturer of Heat Transfer Fluids we understand just how important it is for your system to be operating as efficiently and effectively as possible. We also understand all of the potential problems and pitfalls which could prevent this from happening.   

We have worked alongside the International Ground Sourced Heat Pump Association (IGSHPA) to develop our innovative new Kilfrost GEO® fluid, which combines the ultimate in efficiency and environmental profile for the first time. Kilfrost GEO® outperforms EG, PG Bio-PDO and ethanol-based heat transfer fluids, protects against corrosion and scaling, and provides lower pumping costs and reduced system pressure drops. Best of all though, it’s formulated with a Food and Drug Administration (FDA) approved base fluid, has a superior environmental profile, and – thanks to its lower viscosity formulation – will also lead to long-term energy savings.

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