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Ground Energy Support

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Geothermal heat pump systems (GSHPs) collect and use renewable solar energy stored in the subsurface to heat and cool buildings. Ground Energy Support (GES) is a new small company dedicated to providing technically sound and unbiased information about the basic operations of geothermal heating and cooling systems.

 GES offers a unique monitoring system that tracks the basic operations of geothermal heating and cooling system, and displays this information online at the GES website.

 The GxTracker™ consists of data collecting devices that are easily installed on piping and associated components of the GSHP sytem, proprietary software that processes the data, and an online interface at the GES website that presents a graphical synthesis of the data.

 The GxTracker™ offers the following features:

  • Measurement, verification and illustration of the amount of renewable thermal energy drawn from and returned to the ground (Geoexchange) by ground source (geothermal) heat pump systems
  • Illustration of the amount of other fuels that would be needed to produce an equivalent amount of thermal energy as that exchanged with the ground by the GSHP (Renewable Energy Equivalents)
  • Comparison of GSHP operating costs relative to other heating/cooling systems (Cost Savings)
  • Display of the additional amount of carbon that would have been emitted to the atmosphere had other conventional fossil fuels been used for heating and cooling (GSHP Carbon Savings).
  • Graphs of system Data–entering and leaving groundloop fluid temperatures, heat pump runtimes, and BTUs per hour of Geoexchange. These data are also available in convenient daily summaries.
  • Alerts (email and in the user’s online data portal) are issued when the GSHP system is operating outside of user-defined bounds or when GxTracker™ data indicate that system maintenance would optimize GSHP system efficiency.

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