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Our goal is to sell, install, and service the most efficient heating, air conditioning, radiant, and hot water systems on the planet. Geothermal heating and cooling is the system.  According to the EPA these systems have the lowest life cycle cost of any hvac system.

<>There is now a 30% Federal Energy Tax Credit on the total installed cost and a 35% North Carolina Energy Tax Credit with a $8,400.00 limit for Qualified Geothermal Systems.    In addition, most electric utility companies are offering cash rebates.  Now more than ever is a great time to buy geothermal!


  • SAFE AND CLEAN. No flame. no flue, and no danger of
    fire or fumes. You can also benefit from less dust and
    better indoor air quality.

    QUIET OPERATION. A super-efficient compressor and soft
    -start, variable-speed fan make the unit so quiet that
    many people find themselves checking to make sure the
    system is actually on.

    COMFORTABLE. The unit provides precise distribution of
    warmer air in winter. In summer you get central air
    conditioning with better dehumidification.

    FLEXIBILITY. You get heating, central air
    conditioning, and domestic hot water. That’s three
    systems–all from the same compact unit!

    ENVIRONMENT. The system emits no CO2, which is
    considered a major contributor to environmental air

    ATTRACTIVE. The completely self-contained unit is
    maintained indoors. There is no need for noisy,
    unsightly, outside condensing equipment.

    RELIABILITY. Microprocessor controls and state-of-the-
    art components allow smooth operation and years of
    maintenance-free service.

  • Call, fax, or email Bill Evangelist for more information and find
    out why so many people are choosing a more efficient
    way to heat and cool their homes.

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