13 New Boston Rd
Kingston, NH 03848

Comac Pump and Well LLC

Business Types: Contractors — Commercial, Contractors — Drilling, Contractors — Residential, Ground Loop Installers
Organizations: IGSHPA Accredited Installers

COMAC PUMP AND WELL LLC Comac Pump and Well specializes in Standing Column, Closed Loop and Open Loop Systems. We have the equipment and expertise to professionally and completely install each phase of your designed system. Our philosophy is to continually communicate with the customer and assist in a full and complete understanding of their system. Our drilling equipment is capable of everything from relatively shallow boreholes& all the way up to 2500′ plus. Our drilling rigs are All wheel drive with a very low center of gravity to allow us to traverse very difficult sites efficiently thus speeding up the process and keeping overall costs down. * Drilling of Boreholes * Grouting Of Boreholes * Loop Installs * Sleeving and Submersible installs in Open and Standing Column systems * Site excavation Serving all of the Northeast, all of our work is contained “in house” and not subcontracted. Please contact us for a complete insight into our scope of abilities.

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